micro bikini is the best

Bikini was born in far 1946 when French designer Louis Reard has presented risky enough invention. Later sixty years micro bikini (however, no less than the bathing suit) till now possesses ability to shock or admire. now we have micro bikini. However only on personal taste and whims of a fashion depends, whether becomes micro bikini " the weapon of mass defeat ". While man's magazines are filled by photos poluobnazhennyh women wearing micro bikini, men became more captious. Therefore to choose really stylish micro bikini - a problem uneasy: to find something constrained, but at the same time sexy, classical, but sufficiently frank, attractive, but not loud. ".i. Bathing suit, - one of the most complex subjects of a female wardrobe, ", Anna Maria Curtis, the editor of section of fashion Elle which recommends women simple micro bikini, with classical vyrezom considers from Eres, Calvin Klein and Thomas Maier. Choosing micro bikini, women should be most confident a choice: it is not necessary to be guided first of all by fashionable tendencies, it is necessary to choose that really approaches you. That is interesting, even at celebrities which thousand dollars to the stylists pay, not always it turns out to pick up ideal micro bikini. For example, Lindsej Loan in the simple black micro bikini looks it is too adult and it is modest : perhaps, it simply tries to show , that, despite of all the scandalous adventures, too can be the modest girl. Or is going to try on the prison form as its girlfriend Peris Hilton, and has decided to be limited to black color . Example of successfully picked up micro bikini - Czech supermodel Eve Hertsigova who has preferred white micro bikini with coquettish furnish rjushami . It shows rather seductive forms of supermodel and creates unostentatiously sexual image . One more unsuccessful choice Eve Longoria - shows an abundance of ornaments , moreover and a gold circuit do its bathing suit frankly vulgar. And vyrezy, called, probably, to give to originality. after all, micro bikini is the best.